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Welcome to the
Gallery of Bears
Enjoy ............ !!!

Sonny                                   Quigley

Sullivan                              Wilfred

Yum Yum                           Smy Ling

Walter                                Beaufort

   Phyllis                           Guthrie

Bailey                            Carmichael

Phros-T                        Rutherford

Mathilda                          Lionel

These bears have been all been adopted but, don't worry,
I am working on more .....!

*** Most of these bears are about 20" tall & thier prices range from ****
$300-$375.00. USD

Speaking of Pandas ...
we were, weren't we ... ?!!

 Ottis R'Ding
this is my version of the Giant Panda's adorable cousin ...
 Red Panda

Bonnie & her hero in uniform, Horatio

 Shelby                              Reginald

The Fall Guy                  Gwyneth

Please, feel free to add your name to the
"Dreaded List"
if you'd like me to make a bear especially for you ...
It just might be the quickest way to get a bear these days ..... !!!

Here are a few bears that are
for immediate adoption ...

More Adoptees
Bears of 2004
Ordering Information